Most infertility guarantee programs, which only provide a guarantee for IVF, exclude between a third and a half of the costs of fertility care. Our HCG Guarantee program includes ALL out-of-pocket costs for any consultations, diagnostic studies, psychological support, lifestyle interventions, and other fertility treatments (including medications, ultrasounds, IUI’s, and IVF cycles) required to achieve your goal of building your family.

Our program is simple and will help you prepare for the range of emotions around your fertility journey ahead.

Step 1

After initial consultation and/or testing, we will create a mutually-agreed-upon plan to achieve pregnancy. You will be given a clear time frame and out-of-pocket cost required to achieve a 90% likelihood of having a baby.

Step 2

If you have not achieved a baby by our time frame in your fertility journey, we will refund ALL of the out-of-pocket costs you have incurred with Conceptions Fertility Center.

Step 3

There is no additional cost or pre-payment for participating in our HCG guarantee program. It is simply our commitment to you.

Step 4

We are confident that every test, every consultation, and every treatment that we recommend is a cost effective step toward reaching your family building goals.


Approximately 85% of our couples will qualify for our HCG guarantee.


If, after initial consultation and/or testing, we are unable to offer you an HCG guarantee program, we will refund you 50% of the initial costs of diagnostic testing and treatment.

We cannot offer a guarantee for any costs that are incurred outside of Conceptions Fertility Center, but, fortunately, we are able to offer nearly all services that are part of your fertility care with us.