Ashley Berglund, R.N., B.S.N.

Clinical Manger

Ashley is the Clinical Nurse Manager for Conceptions Fertility Center. Her goal is to help build an environment where both patients and employees feel valued, cared for, and empowered. She has had an interest in women’s health care from the age of 16 when she witnessed the birth of her first niece. Since graduating from UVU with a bachelors in nursing, she has worked in either infertility or labor and delivery, where she developed a love for the miracle of life and family building.  Ashley believes in providing a holistic nursing approach for each patient that includes emotional support, along with medical and educational support for individuals struggling with infertility. In addition to working for Conceptions, Ashley serves on the advisory board for Utah Infertility Resource Center, a non-profit organization that provides ancillary resources to the infertility community.

In her free time, Ashley enjoys hiking, trying new foodie restaurants, traveling, and spending time with her 3 boys and rambunctious dog.

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