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Andrew K. Moore, M.D.
Andrew K. Moore, M.D.Reproductive Endocrinologist
Dr. Andrew Moore is the founder of Conceptions Fertility Center. The vision for starting Conceptions grew out of a desire to provide comprehensive, personalized, accessible, compassionate, and affordable care to couples facing infertility.
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Ashley Berglund, R.N., B.S.N.
Ashley Berglund, R.N., B.S.N.Clinical Manger
Ashley is the Clinical Nurse Manager for Conceptions Fertility Center. Her goal is to help build an environment where both patients and employees feel valued, cared for, and empowered.
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Rachel Rhinehart, MA
Rachel Rhinehart, MAClinical Coordinator
Rachel is a clinical coordinator who has been assisting families undergoing infertility treatments for over 7 years. She is very passionate about working closely with each patient to ensure they are educated about their treatment plan and feel fully supported every step of the way.
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Kinzie Wilder, MA
Kinzie Wilder, MAClinical Coordinator
Kinzie has worked as a medical assistant in the infertility field for 3 years. Her love for patient care and passion for women’s health inspired her to pursue further education in nursing.
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Tessa Butterfield, MA
Tessa Butterfield, MAClinical Coordinator
Tessa has worked as a medical assistant in the infertility field for 2 years. With a degree in Health Science, she is passionate about helping patients understand the process of infertility.
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Julia Hendricks, MA
Julia Hendricks, MAClinical Coordinator
Julia is a Certified Nurse Assistant who previously worked as an OB Surgical Tech. She enjoys working together to help patients get a positive pregnancy test and have hope in the process.
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Blanca Aleman
Blanca AlemanFront Office Manager
Blanca is the Front Office Manager at Conceptions Fertility Center. She is inspired by the technology that allows for reproduction when it was not possible before and the hope it provides.
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Jenny Pape
Jenny PapeEmbryologist/Andrologist
Jenny is the Lap Supervisor and Embryologist at Conceptions Fertility Center. She is focused on the science behind infertility and working with a team dedicated to building custom treatments plans for each patient.
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Karen Welch
Karen WelchAndrologist
Karen is an Andrologist at Conceptions Fertility Center. As a family-oriented person, she enjoys being able to help others expand their families.
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Greg Christensen, Ph.D.
Greg Christensen, Ph.D.Laboratory Director
With more than twenty years of hands-on experience working as a laboratory technician, director, and consultant for assisted reproduction programs, Dr. Greg Christensen, Ph.D., brings a high level of expertise to the Conceptions Fertility Center Andrology and IVF laboratories.
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Eva Schenkman, MS, CLT (NY), TS (ABB)
Eva Schenkman, MS, CLT (NY), TS (ABB)Embryologist
Eva Schenkman has been an Embryologist since 1992. She completed her undergraduate in Animal Science at Cornell University, where she trained with Robert H Foote, an early pioneer whose research led to in vitro fertilization in agricultural livestock.
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Considerate and attentive care.

We understand the challenges and hesitations with fertility treatments. At Conceptions Fertility Center, you’ll be greeted with empathy, encouragement, and care. To learn more about your treatment options, make an appointment with us.